Saturday, 6 March 2010

Plait's a problem

(Alexander Wang)
At the moment I'm in a rut. A hair rut. I've been trying to grow out a 'Pob' that turned into a neat-bob, that turned into a sienna miller eat-your-heart-out shaggy do' for the best part of two and a half years - and now my hair is almost the ideal length, its wasted on me. Yes, inspiration flits my way occasionally as i peruse Grazia or flick through Elle, but nothing sticks.

The only thing that has grabbed my interest is the Wang plaits of s/s10. I hesitate in wearing a style like that just yet though because i always associate such things with summer? Playing gymnastics with my little sister (and occasionally brother although he would never admit to such a thing) licking calypso ice lollies on the grass, my hair in a loose plait and my sisters fashioned the same. Except now these plait - which two years ago may have seemed 'country' are on the runway. Swishing from models heads; recreated, disheveled, pinned and sprayed. Last summer hair was centrally parted, a strand of hair taken from each temple, braided, then pinned at the back of the head. This year its about one big plait. Fish-tailed or pulled up to the models crown. Here's some pictures which may inspire you to adopt the plait with your hair....

A/W10 Dior

Nicole Richie


Mega plait/twist


  1. ooh, I love the plaits. I wish I had long hair to wear the fishtail ones! I can only go so far as to plait the fringe around the side.

    I like your writing style! cute blog. I have started mine around the same time, check it out and maybe we should swap links!? Let me know!

  2. I wish I had the hair for a Wang plait!!